Elmfield Road: Newcastle
Elmfield Road: Newcastle
Elmfield Road: Newcastle
Elmfield Road: Newcastle

‘Domestic adaptation to meet special needs’

This small, unique project involves the significant adaptation of an existing house and construction of a new hydrotherapy pool to meet the needs of a young man with acute physical impairment following an accident. Whilst on one level the challenge was to provide a house that was fully accessible and met the specific functional and technical requirements of the brief on another level it was equally important to create a home, designed to reflect the character of the client and one which promotes the personal touch in place of an institutional feel.

The daily needs and routines of the client have largely dictated the layout of the property but great emphasis has been placed on aspect, views and sunlight and the creation of rooms and spaces with a variety of characters for different activities which range from physiotherapy and exercise through to a cosy games and cinema room and naturally-lit orangery with longer views over the garden.

The new pool house will be located at the end of the existing garden to maximise views to and from the main house. The location of neighbouring properties and mature, existing trees has placed significant constraints on the location of the pool house which has been positioned to minimise visual impact but still establish a positive visual and physical relationship with the main house.

The project has been split into two phases with the house adaptation works forming phase one and the new pool house forming phase two.

Elmfield Road: Newcastle

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