Broadway House: Sunderland
Broadway House: Sunderland
Broadway House: Sunderland
Broadway House: Sunderland

‘Creating somewhere out of nowhere’

So many of our towns, cities and villages are made up of small, incidental sites that go largely unnoticed in the urban sprawl that constitutes modern suburbia. Our recent submission for the Broadway in Sunderland seeks to re-address this trend through the creation of a modestly-scaled development with a strong character and a variety of uses that collectively form a popular and active centre for the neighbouring community.

Broadway Green provides an opportunity to provide a new neighbourhood focus in the heart of the community. A development that is physically and visually connected, it will meet the needs of a range of users whilst maximising the economic opportunities of its high-profile, gateway location. Combining a mix of building forms and uses with a range of hard and soft spaces, Broadway Green will maximise the latent potential of the existing site to create a truly sustainable development that will add to the economy and image of the local and wider area.

The layout of the proposed scheme is a direct response to the specific characteristics of the site and location. Each building is designed to respond to the opportunities and constraints of its own location in terms of built form, use, scale and massing but also to microclimate and aspect. The central courtyard provides a central focus for each building and acts as a unifying element to bring the disparate elements together.

The language of the development is overtly contemporary to reflect the times and to create a development that highlights the strategic location of the site. Building forms are crisp, strong and bold with simple, elegantly proportioned openings and an absence of unnecessary ornament (which can often be a magnet for anti-social behaviour). Detailing is integrated with the building form and skin to create subtle variations in surface and a strong contrast between light and shade.

Broadway House: Sunderland

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