Plus Three Studio


The practice was formed by Directors Simon Dunstan and Matthew Margetts in 2008 and has since enjoyed 4 years of continuous growth and profitability. We have worked hard to develop a reputation based on our creativity, innovation and impeccable, personal service underpinned by a simple philosophy of trying to achieve more with less. Our approach to design is defined by a process of listening, challenging, imagining, making and most importantly enjoying.


In a digital age where communication can be increasingly remote, +3 architecture believe in a highly collaborative, personal, face-to-face way of working. Designing with and for people is an essential value for our organisation and our approach creates strong personal and professional bonds with clients and consultants on all of our projects.

Every project is assessed on its merits and is subject to a thorough and intensive design process that draws on research, experience and imagination in equal measure. Developing an intellectual as well as practical framework for each project is a prerequisite as is finding means of communicating ideas in a simple and effective manner. Our approach to design is defined by a process of listening, challenging, imagining, making and most importantly enjoying.



Where we work reflects who we are and how we like to work. Our culture is open and informal which fosters discussion, debate, innovation and creativity. The studio is open plan and everyone works at the same, simple desks irrespective of experience or status. Working models, sketches, samples and ‘found objects’ animate the studio and reflect the intensive, highly creative way in which we like to work. We adopt an open-house policy and regularly welcome clients, consultants and students to share and exchange ideas all of which adds to the general buzz of the +3 studio.

The practice is based in newly-refurbished offices in Newcastle City Centre close to the Civic Centre. We have made significant investment in the quality of our working environment and IT systems that support the office. All staff work on new, high-powered workstations running the latest industry standard CAD and creative software which enables us to produce complex 2D and 3D information depending on the requirements of any project.

Most importantly, we have an enormously talented and dedicated team of people who are passionate about what we do and have a great time doing it. We have been uncompromising in ensuring that we recruit not only the most talented individuals but also those who share our way of doing things and who like working as part of a team to deliver success for our clients.

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