+3 Architecture is an award-winning studio of highly creative & imaginative architects committed to designing buildings, places & spaces that combine craft & innovation with a strong social, economic & environmental agenda underpinned by a simple philosophy of trying to achieve more with less. Our approach to design is defined by a process of listening, challenging, imagining, making and most importantly enjoying.

We are architects trained in problem-seeking, concept-defining, solution-framing and communicating. We pride ourselves on identifying new needs and opportunities, building alliances and helping to shape solutions. Our distinguishing characteristics are openness and a desire to work collaboratively; generosity in being prepared to engage and share ideas; an inquisitiveness combined with a calculated willingness to enter uncharted territory; and above all an appetite for a challenge and an entrepreneurial drive.

We work across a range of architectural sectors with particular skills and experience in the field of workplace, leisure, civic, housing and mixed use developments. We have developed a reputation for creativity and innovation supported with a proven track record of translating bold concepts into elegant technical details and successful project delivery.

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